brunel_deronette“Welcome, friends to the What’s Mine Is Yours” organization page. Growing up, I spent five years of my youngest years in and out of the General Hospital located in Port-au-Prince. I had numerous leg surgeries in those five years and went through extensive rehabilitation as I grew into adulthood. As I grew older, the Lord put it in my heart to return to the Hospital and help other patients.

During my first personal trip to the Hospital in July 2007, I was shocked to see that the hospital that gave me so much had deteriorated just as much. Patients were on their beds without clothes, there wasn’t sufficient air circulation in the tight rooms, and the facilities were unkempt and filthy to say the least. A decision was made that the next time I visited the hospital, even more would be done to help. Since then, missions’ teams have accompanied me every year. I thank God for all of our dedicated volunteers, friends and precious family for their commitment. Your participation and donations are always encouraged and needed, however your prayers for the advancement of God’s work in the country is vital”.

-Statement by Reverend Pastor Brunel Deronette, principal officer for the charitable organization, What’s Mine Is Yours.




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