Since 2007, What’s Mine Is Yours staff and volunteers have organized annual fundraisers in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Montreal and various other locations in order solicit donations. These donations are the basis for the annual missionary trip in which staff and volunteers distribute across the country. There are new efforts to merge efforts of our organization and other humanitarian organizations as a way of expanding resources and ultimately making a bigger difference in the lives of the Haitian people.

In past missionary trips we have visited the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince and various local clinics within and throughout the capital borders. We have also provided aid to various schools and learning establishments all over the country. In 2012, the missionary trip was extremely critical and challenging in light of the devastations. Although the country continues to slowly rebuild and establish itself, your help is still needed. In 2014, our volunteers participated in a dental project in the small town of Gris Gris located in the province of Cote de Fer, where a local group of dentists serviced the dental needs of the towns’ people.  We look forward to celebrating ten year anniversary in 2017.


In 2015, What’s Mine is Yours made the critical decision to create a permanent base in Bon Repos, La Plaine in the southern area of Haiti. The future headquarters sit on ten acres of purchased land that will used as a place of worship with headquarter offices and storage. We are honored to announce that in September of 2015, we were able to break ground during the launching of a three day crusade. At that time, trees were planted fruit trees were planted and some internal structures were formed. The construction will be completed into three phases as completion will be dependent on donations acquired.


In 2015, the organization wash able to purchase a forty foot truck that will be holding heavier donated items. This truck, once sent overseas, will provide a necessary resource in Haiti. In addition to transporting goods overseas, it can be used as a vehicle to transport construction materials in Haiti. We are currently fundraising to be able to meet the shipping costs of sending this truck to Haiti.